The Basics


Anyone interested in a relaxing day on a charming little island in the Puget Sound is welcome.

Groups are welcome too. Do you have a reunion coming up or a wedding and need something fun to do? Well join us for a trip around the island while sipping one of our famous fermented beverages.

Do you have a bed & breakfast or VRBO, then send them my way so they can learn all about the island they are staying on.

Want to see how weird you coworkers really are, then have a corporate retreat on our island a place where weirdness blooms.

Maybe you just need your extended family to get the heck out of your hair for just a few hours!  I am talking from personal experience here.


The map below shows there’s a story everywhere on the island!

Mostly True Island Map


Well, if I told you where everything was you would need me would you. But I guess you need to know where it all begins. Unless otherwise specified, the tours begin at the Hinge Gallery located at the corner of Vashon Highway & 174th Street.

Once we’re all on board, “may the fun be unrestrained!”