Your Guide

The picture above is a tour of one of the drier parts of the island. We had six people and five camels. Guess who didn’t get a camel.

Island resident Chris Austin is a life-long goofball and lover of history so these tours are a perfect outlet for him. Since moving to the island in 2011 he has worked for the Beachcomber newspaper where in 2015 he as awarded First Prize for Humor by the Washington Newspaper Publisher’s Association.

Currently he hosts three shows on the Voice of Vashon KVSH, 101.9 The first is the very irreverent “The Mostly True Radio Show”. The second two are monthly shows. DOVE Speaks is a program in association with the islands domestic violence agency, The DOVE Project and the second is History Worth Hearing a collaboration with the Vashon Heritage Museum. While he hasn’t won any awards, the FCC hasn’t kicked off the air either.

With a variety of careers behind him including dentistry (both in the military and private practice), software entrepreneur, mapper of fossils at the San Bernardino County Museum (cool job) and federal account manager for a defense contractor (not a cool job). Now he is finally doing what he loves.

It’s a sure bet you’ll have fun on one of his tours and if you don’t believe it just read the fake testimonials below.


“Before I went on The Mostly True Vashon Tour my life was seriously jacked up.”

Mr Wardlow, a Farmer

“I laughed so hard I pooped a little bit.”

NASA scientists with their board of calculations, 1961 CROPPED

“Our research shows that The Mostly True Vashon Tours are more fun than scientifically possible.”


“I scheduled The Mostly True Vashon Tour to show off my new ‘turnip’ hairdo.”