“Mostly True”…what the?

Yes “Mostly True Vashon Tours” is an unusual name but it comes by it honestly.  All my life I have had a passion for humor and history and a  few years ago this resulted in a couple of small books titled “The Mostly True History of Vashon and Maury Islands”.

The idea was to retell stories of the island in a lighthearted, easy to read manner. However I was not above sneaking in a completely fabricated article. The reader would be in on the joke by the end but I had fun writing on the edge of plausibility!

Lately people have asked me what’s there to do on Vahson Island and so the “Mostly True Vashon Tours” was born. The idea is for tourists, visitors and locals alike to tour Vashon and Maury island’s many historical places while stopping to see what the island has to offer including the various fermenters (wineries, cideries and brewery) as well as cheese makers, coffee roasters, farm stands, art galleries, shops and restaurants.

If you’d like to learn more about my books please visit, mostlytruehistory.com

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