Passport to Pain Tour for non-cyclists!

It is easy to admire the hard work and dedication that people go through to ride the Passport to Pain. So what if you wanted to come to the Passport to Pain and support that special bike rider in your life but cycling isn’t your thing. Well you could sit in the car and read until they finish the ride or go on The Mostly True Vashon Tour!

Imagine at the end of ride when your bike riding cutie-pie finally dismounts and says, “Hi Honey I rode uphill for five hours straight and saw a dead raccoon!”

Then you can say, “Really? Well I went on a bus tour and stopped for beautiful views and tasted award winning spirits from the local distillery and learned about the interesting history of the island. We stopped at a dairy for some artisan cheese because I needed some cheese to go with the fabulous wine I picked up at the local vintner. We even learned about how the island was formed. Did you know that some hills have an over twenty percent grade? You can thank the glaciers for that. And all along the way there was great music and games and a crazy ‘rubber chicken challenge’. But your day sounds nice.”

The tour starts at the beginning of the ride and gets you back in time for the awesome post ride picnic.

The price is $40.00 per person.

To make a reservation please call 703-424-1481.